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The Making of The Berenstain Bears’ Hospital Friends
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Over   many   days,   I   visited   and   sketched   several   ORs,   pre-op   and   recovery   rooms, Radiology,   Physical   Therapy,   the   Emergency   Department,   waiting   rooms,   a   patient unit,   and   an   outpatient   surgery   center.   In   addition   to   using   this   experience   for   the general   background   of   the   book,   I   tried,   wherever   I   could,   to   use   the   literal   scenes, poses   and   situations   of   the   patients   and   medical   staff   I   sketched   as   the   basis   for   the characters    and    scenes    in    the    book.    The    only    difference    is    that    instead    of people–they’re    bears!    Everyone    at    the    hospital    was    immensely    gracious    and cooperative   in   making   this   possible.   They   all   seemed   genuinely   pleased   to   have   me there,   constantly   getting   in   their   way,   as   they   went   about   the   immensely   demanding and exacting work of providing care for those children who need it the most. – Mike Berenstain
  • Using a Walker
  • Ambulance
  • Ambulance Interior
  • Childlife Specialist with Tablet
  • Hospital Corridor
  • Doctor at Bedside
  • Patient with Drum
  • Patient with Mandolin
  • Physical Therapy
Using a Walker1 Ambulance2 Ambulance Interior3 Childlife Specialist with Tablet4 Hospital Corridor5 Doctor at Bedside6 Patient with Drum7 Patient with Mandolin8 Physical Therapy9